Fred Zefi

North Regional Director: Shkoder

Fredi and his wife Prenda are steadfast partners in ministry with Hope for the World since 2000.  They were some of the very earliest converts in Albania.  He has great passion for the community of Shkoder.  He is the Coordinator for all of HFTW ministries in Shkoder. The school age orphanage, the Center of Development, the feeding ministry, the gypsy ministry, and the paraplegic ministry.  He is very respected with the government of Shkoder and represents Hope for the World so well for us

Fredi graduated from the Caen University of France in Tirana, Albania in 2002 with a  B.S. in Business Management.  He was a school teacher of the French language prior to his work with HFTW.  He studied both French and Italian for four years while in school in Albania. 


Prenda Zefi

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Shkoder Baby Orphanage

Prenda is our full time mom and has been with HFTW since 2000. 

Literally, she not only loves her children and is a committed wife to Fredi, but she loves our babies with all her heart.  She makes sure everyone of them receive many hugs and much love.  She teaches them songs and bible stories and takes care of their little hearts. She brings their own children to the orphanage to do the same.  She and Fredi are also foster parents for one of the boys from the orphanage.  He is so very happy to be a part of the Zefi family. Prenda graduated from the University of Shkoder in 1998 with a B.S. Degree in English.  This has been a tremendous blessing for her interaction with the American staff in connection with her work as a caregiver of the precious little ones at the Baby Orphanage.  


Mirela Ymeraj

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Center of Development

Mirela has been with Hope for the World the longest of all of our Albanian staff.  She started in the baby orphanage and is now our coordinator for our Center of Development for special needs.  She truly cares for them all and has the sweetest spirit.  She is also so loving and supportive of the government staff at the Center.  


marikaj & korce


Ladina Rabdishta

Administrator & Central Regional Director

Ledina came to be a part of Hope for the World in 2014.   She is a graduate of the University of Tirana having earned a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences in 2009 and then a Master’s Degree in Management and Clinic Direction, as well as Communications. We could not have handpicked anyone better for the job that Ledina is doing for HFTW.  She is handling all of the Administrativeduties for HFTW in Albania from her office.  She also manages the Hope Center fully, planning and implementing programs in all fields of social, spiritual, and humanitarianism in the community and through our church and center.  She is personnel director and does a wonderful job as such.  This lady is like a little Wonder Woman! We are totally blessed to have her in our HFTW family.  She loves God and serves Him totally with all her heart, soul, mind and body.  


Suela Gjylbegu

Education, Health and Activity Director:

Hope Center, Marikaj

Suela has a BS degree in history and geography and a Masters degree as a teacher of High school in History-Geography. She is also pursuing a Master of Science in Archeology. She speaks fluent English and Italian and at an intermediate level in French and German language. Since she finished at the university, she has been working for one year as a teacher in one of the High schools in the city of Vlora. Then after returning to Tirana, she worked for several months as an educator in a kindergarten.


Pam Arney

Missionary;  Hope Center, Marikaj

Pam is our American missionary and is such a vital part of our Hope Center.  She truly loves our kids and is a spiritual “mother” to them. She came to work with HFTW in 2001 starting in the baby orphanage working alongside Prenda Zefi.  She moved back after a sabbatical in the states when she moved into the Hope Center to care for our teens there.   She says, "God has given me a full life here. In addition to nightly Bible studies with the teens, teaching English and helping with homework at the Hope Center, I have been blessed with the privilege of home schooling two missionary kids and teaching English to disabled young adults in a foundation down the road from the Hope Center. This is my home now and if it is the Lord’s will, I will continue to live and work here until He calls me Home."


Sokrat Tashi

Driver; HFTW Foundation

Sokrat has been a part of our HFTW staff since 2002.  He is employed as a Driver, but he is way more than that to us.  He is another ‘caregiver’ really.  He doesn’t just transport people for us in Albania, but whenever we have visitors from America, he is a very kind, considerate and sympathetic friend. He has been keeping us safe on the treacherous and very busy roads and streets in Albania for all of the years since 2002.  He also is very active in distributing food and supplies for different projects of HFTW in Albania, helping during many civil emergencies and earthquakes, etc.  We are blessed to have this man on our staff.


Teuta "Teo" Korra

Dorm Monitor & Caregiver;

Hope Center, Marikaj

Teo is one of our very own graduates from the HFTW programs through the government orphanages.  She came to work part time on our staff in 1999 as an assistant cook at our first teen center, then known as the Tag Center.  She worked for two years then, but came back to work full time with us in 2007 as a Dorm Monitor. Having been an orphan girl herself, she knows how to understand and give loving care and attention to the needs of our teens.  She is involved in every single phase of our work at the Hope Center.  Whenever you see Teo, she is busy and ‘on a mission’ to get some special need taken care of.  We love this lady and appreciate her hard work for so long.


Ramiz "Tuku" Daja

Maintenance & Driver; Hope Center, Marikaj

Tuku has been a part of our staff since 2010.  He is like a jack-knife to us!  Very handy to have around and a part of our HFTW family.  His responsibilities vary from maintenance of buildings and equipment, and driver for the ministry, to actual hands-on ministry distributing food and other items to the poor families and orphans of Albania.  He graduated from a professional school of carpentry and also specializes in auto mechanics.  We could not do without Tuku!


Albana Lika

Dietitian & Food Preparation;

Hope Center, Marikaj

Albana is one of our staff members who has been with us since 2004.  She came to us with experience as an educator at the Tirana orphanage.  She has many other talents and besides assisting our teens at the Hope Center when called upon, her main focus is in our kitchen as Supervision of  Food Preparation as a trained Dietitian.  She loves her work with the teens and looks forward to every day.  Albana also takes part in all of the activities surrounding our church and children’s ministries.  She takes a lot of pleasure in doing her work and everyone can see her heart for this ministry.


Anila Nano

Housekeeping & Food Preparation

Hope Center, Marikaj

Anila is our newest member of our staff at the Hope Center.  She came to work with us in 2017 to assist with Food Preparation and Housekeeping duties.  She is a wonderful addition to not only the preparation of food, but also of training the teens.  Her contributions to their training will help them become responsible in so many ways that will prove very worthwhile to them in their future years after they leave the Hope Center.  Anila, like all of our other staff ladies, is 100% involved with all of our outreaches to assist the poor surrounding our Hope Center.  She is a great blessing to everyone.




Fatos Dimiri

Southern Regional Director: Saranda

Fatos was one of the early Christians in Albania after the fall of Communism.  He is a member of the Saranda Baptist Church which was planted by HFTW in the 90’s.  Fatos is our Southern Regional director of all of our work in Saranda which includes not only a large school-age orphanage, but also a Center for Senior Citizens where we have 60 members currently.  He has coordinated many, many work teams and programs to improve these facilities through the years with our home offices.  He is also a very well known business man in Saranda in the Tourism business with all of his family.  He is also well loved by the kids as well as the senior citizens.  We are thrilled that he is a part of HFTW’s family!


Mirela Dimiri

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Saranda Orphanage

Mirela is the wife of Fatos and has been working on our staff since 2008.  She is the mother of two boys and does a great job working in that capacity as well as working for her husband in the tourism business.  She has been handling sponsorship matters as a coordinator for HFTW since coming with us.  Her work is always alongside of Fatos, even with the senior citizens.  We are so very happy to have her as a part of our staff and we can see the Lord’s blessing on her life as well as her family through the years.  To say she is a very “busy lady” would be a grave understatement.  We love Mirela and thank God for her. 



Majlinda Abdi


Sponsorship Coordinator;

Tirana Orphanage

Majlinda has come to us this year, 2020,  to be a part of our staff in the field of sponsorship coordination for the Tirana orphanage.  She is a part of the church that was first pastored by Pastor Mike in Tirana, New Hope Baptist Church, and which her husband, Ari, now pastors as their first Albanian pastor.  She is working weekly with the children at the orphanage teaching them Bible lesions and holding special parties for them on their birthdays and other special occasions.   Majlinda is loved not only by the kids of that orphanage, but also by the workers who can see her love and dedication to making a difference in the lives of these children.  We are so blessed to have her as a new staff member. Her husband, Ari, has been a very important part at our Hope Center teaching Bible and discipleship classes to our teens.