After many of the basic needs were being met by Hope for the World in the orphanages, we realized that the teens aged out of the orphanages between 14-16 years of age.  There were terrible dorm rooms in a dilapidated building that was provided by the government for them to live in, but there was no adult supervision. Many girls were raped there, and the boys would get involved in drugs and gangs.  Orphans were producing more orphans.  HFTW started praying and raising funds for a place for teenagers to continue their education in a safe, mentored environment.  In 2010, the Hope Center in Marikaj opened its doors to orphaned teenagers.   


Fully staffed with loving Hope for the World Albanians, the Hope Center is able to house a growing number of orphaned teens in order for them to continue their education and be mentored in their relationship with each other and with Christ.  This Hope Center is fully owned and ran by Hope for the World.