Hope for the World has five orphanages across the country of Albania where we provide loving care for the children. We work hand-in-hand with the government and their staff in these orphanages. We provide the children with clothes, birthday and Christmas celebrations and gifts, as well as special outings (Hope for the World is the only organization allowed to take them on these special outings). We also provide weekly Bible studies, mentorship and lots of LOVE to these children in need.

Our Hope for the World staff and the countless groups and individuals who have
supported and visited the
children on mission trips with us have shown the kids LOVE.
The children can’t believe that people would come all the way from America just to visit
love on them. Because of you, they have constant support, counseling,
discipleship and a staff in Albania that genuinely loves and cares about them.

Tirana School Age Orphanage


Majlinda Abdi:

Sponsorship Coordinator

The school-age orphanage in Albania's capital city of Tirana was our first. Since 1992, we have seen hundreds of children grow up through this facility, many of them coming to know the Lord.
When Hope for the World Director, Roger Mullins, first visited this orphanage, the children were sleeping 30 to a room covered with thin blankets, no mattresses, and no heat. We have video footage inside the orphanage where you could see the cold air coming out of the children’s mouths.

That first winter, he returned to Tirana and provided the children with their first Christmas. Before the children went to bed that night, they all took turns thanking him for their presents. While they clutched the first toys they had ever received, they were most thankful to him for the new heat that Hope for the World provided.
Through you, our Hope For The World sponsors, the children in Tirana not only have heat and mattresses, but computer labs, study rooms, dormitories, a healthy diet, state of the art soccer field, birthday and Christmas celebrations and a newly refurbished room which was formerly our first Hope for the World Church. As a matter of fact, it was 
in this church where a young man, at the age of ten, came to know Christ. That boy is now a man and is the Mayor of Tirana, the capital city and largest city in Albania. 


Shkoder Baby Orphanage

Prenda spends countelss hours at the baby orphanage with the children from infants up to six years of age. She also works with daycare babies from poor homes who come there for special care while the parents work. When Hope For The World first came to Albania, the state workers were discouraged from holding the babies. Along with Prenda, HFTW has brought in people to train the workers to provide the much-needed touch and nurturing that the babies must have in order to thrive. Prenda will hardly put them down. She truly feels a calling from God to work with babies. These precious babies are now loved, held, sung to, and prayed over daily. She loves these babies as her own and is even fostering a child from that orphanage in her own home.


Prenda Zefi:

Sponsorship Coordinator


Shkoder School Age Orphanage


The school-age orphanage in Shkoder has housed hundreds of children throughout the years HFTWF has been there. From sports, study, duty and discipleship, Fredi loves these kids and mentors them. HFTWF sees these children through their developmental years and does everything we can to prepare them for their future to become strong, and also good citizens of their country.
It can be difficult at times to see the children go out into the world when we are no
longer looking out for them. However, where we once saw them leaving with bleak
futures, we now see confident, integrated and hopeful young adults taking the light of God out into the world.

Fred Zefi:

North Regional Director


Saranda School Age Orphanage

Hope for the World has been caring for the orphans in the beautiful seaside town of Saranda since 2002. Our director and his wife have Bible studies for them, supply music and art teachers for the kids gifted in these areas. The music teachers give lessons on guitar, violin and accordion. They are encouraged to work hard as students, and HFTW has provided study rooms for them. On special occasions like birthdays, government holidays and other feast days, they are treated to their favorite pizzas and they get to go on field trips throughout the year.


Fatos Dimiri:

South Regional Director


Korce Baby Orphanage


We were asked 15 years ago to take this little baby orphanage in the mountain town of Korce. Hope For The World has been helping them by providing diapers, food, supplies and renovating the building. We take them places for their birthdays and to various local places for fun. God's hand is working in the lives of these children. It is always such a blessing when they reach the age that they are sent to the school-age orphanage in Tirana. The children recognize our people and feel much safer in their new home knowing that we are still caring for them.

Ledina Rabdishta:


In all the orphanages, Hope For The World tries to reach their souls and provide a
spiritual foundation of love and kindness. By teaching them the great commandment to love God and love one another, these children live with

HOPE for today and for the future.