This is Behar (in the middle) and the teens celebrating his birthday at the Hope Center.

Behar is trying hard in school, and he is naturally creative. He loves to play the guitar bought by Hope for the World for the Hope Center. He practices every afternoon and plays the guitar for church. He is faithful to come to devotions with our missionary, Pam, every evening.

Twice a week, he and Gentjan (on the right)have started to go to a dancing class. They have a great rapport with their teacher. They have shared their testimony of where they are living and how God has changed their lives through HFTW with their friends there at the school. Their teacher became so curious that he came to visit us at Hope Center. He said they are different from the others because they don't have just one mom, they have five! (Anila, Albana, Teuta, Margarita, and Ledina). The teacher said they have a great attitude, compared with the other teens and they act way more mature. The teacher has learned from them about our faith, and this has come through Behar and Gentjan. We love to hear of our kids growing in their faith and sharing their faith with others.

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