"Cherie Y. Mullins is the wife of Evangelist Roger Mullins. She is the daughter of the late Leo and Beverly Forse, of Binghamton, NY. As she grew up, they were members of the well-known Lit-tle White Church of Conklin, NY. Her family and church foundations play a tremendous role in her life of ministry with her husband today. As a couple, they have served the Lord faithfully in full-time evangelism, Christian music, and missionary work since 1969. They reside in McDonough, GA and are members of Glen Haven Baptist Church. She studied piano from first grade through high school and continues using her musical talent today. During their years on the road, she sang and played the piano as “Mama” in The Mullins Family as they traveled America in evangelism and gos-pel music from 1978 – 1994. Her family has recorded forty music projects which include a piano solo CD by Cherie. To-day, she works daily in the office of Hope for the World Albania with her husband, Roger and their daughter, Cindy. Since 1994, they have been ministering to thousands of orphan children of Albania, hundreds of senior citizens and the handicapped through Hope for the World as Directors of this ministry. This book is her third in a series under the title of “The Making of a Wonderful Life” . The first was subtitled “Recording Reflections” and specifically pertained to two of the family’s recording projects produced in the 90’s. Her second book was subtitled “Family Foundations” and covered Cherie’s childhood days through the beginning of Bible College for her husband. This book, subti-tled Joyous Journey takes you through their lives from 1970—1994 in which they were involved full-time as a family in church ministry, evangelism and gospel music. Cherie believes she has one more book to write which will portray their years since 1994 in the field of foreign mission work in the country of Albania with Hope for the World. They have fo-cused on assisting orphans, widows, and handicapped and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. She believes that book will be subtitled “Mission Memoirs”, or something very similar. She hopes to have that one published within a couple of years. It is her desire that as you read this book, you will get to know her family personally and understand all that went into The Making of “their” Won-derful Life through this volume subtitled “Joyous Journey”."

The Making of a Wonderful Life: Joyous Journey