We Rescue from poverty, Give Purpose,

and Provide HOPE for the future.


The Gameplan:

Reach the country of Albania for Christ by providing the basic physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the orphans and the community by mentoring and discipling those children to be followers of Christ and good working citizens in their communities

27 Years in Albania

Hope for the World has been in Albania since 1992, arriving as the iron curtain of communism fell. The orphans were the key that opened the door to bring the love of Jesus into the world's first and only atheist state. The 27 years that followed have brought phenomenal change to this country and in 2018, the President of Albania awarded Hope for the World with the

Mother Theresa Humanitarian Award


Read firsthand accounts of your donation dollars at work from our missionaries in the field.


Esther Wong, Business Owner

In 2019, after supporting Hope For The World for a long time, I finally had the opportunity to visit Albania and see first-hand the work that I had supported. I was blown away! From the orphanages to the Gypsy feeding centers, from all the national missionaries to the American missionaries, I felt my heart melting for the Albanian people. God also let me meet the little girl that I am able to sponsor.
It is impossible to put into words how I feel about the HFTW ministry. It is enough, though, to see the love in action from the top (Roger & Cherie) all the way down to those in the trenches - the nationals in Albania. 
I thank God He had been gracious to allow me to partner & serve in their calling. 


Kris Robertson, Industrial Designer

I first went to Albania in 1999, at the age of 13. After Albanian-national missionaries Fredi and Prenda Zefi visited my childhood church, I couldn't sleep until my parents agreed to let me go and see the work Hope for the World was doing. I have since returned on five more trips, each time hoping to make a difference, and each time returning home feeling like I was the one who was blessed. 

It is truly incredible to see the wonderful work Hope for the World is doing throughout Albania; the love and light they bring to places that once had neither, the smiles on the faces of children who have been through perils I can't imagine and the countless, precious souls saved through the years. I can't say or do enough in support of this wonderful ministry.