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~Avg Cost: $2,000 - $2,500 / person~

These are some of the common mission trips we go on. We would love for you or your church to get involved with these trips, or Create your own Trip

  • VBS in Shkoder, Sarande, or Marikaj: Usually held around the first of June after school ends and before kids go to relatives for the summer.

  • Christmas Mission trip– December – There are many Christmas activities to get involved in giving to the poor and Christmas programs. 

  • Vocational Camp – This will be a training camp so that our teens and some teens from the community can see different career options in addition to or other than college. 

    • We need people experienced in certain areas such as Cosmetology, sewing, flooring, plumbing, electrical, music, etc. to give the kids a brief experience in one of these areas

  • Leadership Conference – We are planning our first leadership conference in November of this year.  This would be a yearly Staff retreat with discipleship and growth opportunities for our staff where we would have a session and then break out in groups to discuss.

  • Have other ideas? Create your own Trip BELOW.


~Avg Cost: $2,000 - $2,500 / person~

Go on a life-changing, breath taking two-week tour of our work in Albania!


This trip is for Sponsors or Pastors/Church leaders to see the overall work of Hope for the World in Albania to get a vision of where they might want their church or business to get involved.  Usually first to mid- September.


Create your own Trip

Customizable trips are certainly workable.  Tell us what your church or group would like to accomplish.

From building repair to constructing playgrounds and from hosting Bible Schools to feeding the hungry, Hope for the World will help you plan the perfect trip for your group.

Fill out the form and tell us about your ideas, ask any questions, and get ready to GO!