our story

When Hope for the World Director Roger Mullins first visited an Albanian orphanage, the children were sleeping 30 to a room, covered with thin blankets, no mattresses, and no heat. We have video footage inside the orphanage where you can see the cold air coming out of the children’s mouths. That first winter, Roger returned to Tirana and provided the children with their first Christmas. Before the children went to bed that night, they all took turns thanking him for their presents. While they clutched the first toys they had ever received, they were most thankful to him for the new heat that Hope for the World provided.

26 years later, Hope for the World is still touching the lives of orphans in Albania. Over 10,000 lives have been changed because of their love and care. In 2015, God moved on the heart of Buddy and Kerri Mullins (Buddy is the son of Roger and Cherie) to become more than sponsors of the work and to fully immerse themselves into helping Hope for the World grow. Through the guidance of great people around them, they pulled together a great board of directors and were encouraged by them to create a foundation in order to expand the reach of Hope for the World to more people, businesses, and organizations who have a heart for reaching and loving the “least of these.”(Matt 25:40)

Hope for the World Foundation has been recognized as the number one NGO in the country of Albania and has been awarded the prestigious Mother Teresa Award by the President of Albania, this is the highest award given to a humanitarian organization. At Hope for the World’s 25th anniversary celebration event in Tirana, the guest speaker and Director of Social Services for the country of Albania made the statement, “Hope for the World has not only changed the lives of the orphans of Albania but has changed the country of Albania.”

Hope for the World Foundation is now looking to the future, knowing there is so much yet to accomplish and there are so many lives yet to reach. We are confident, “And certain that God, who began the good work…, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Philippians 1:6

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