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roger and cherie mullins

(directors of hftw since 1994)

In early 1994 Roger and Cherie accepted the call of God on their lives to become missionaries to the country of Albania with Hope for the World Foundation.  When Roger became the HFTW Director for Albania in 1994, Hope for the World was assisting only one government-owned orphanage.  


Through the years, under his leadership, and at the bidding of the government, they have expanded their work to five different cities and various facilities from the northernmost tip of Albania throughout the country to the southernmost city.  


Roger has received a number of special certificates of honor and appreciation from the Albanian Government for Hope for the World’s impact on their country.  Roger and Cherie have given a Legacy of Hope for generations to come.  

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Hope Center Marikaj Staff

Katerina Ndreu

Dorm Monitor & Caregiver

Andi Pejvani

Project Manager & Boys Mentor

Albana Lika

Dietitian & Food Preparation

Anila Nano

Housekeeping & Food Preparation

Ramiz "Tuku" Daja

Maintenance & Driver

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